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studious adj
1 marked by care and effort; "made a studious attempt to fix the television set"
2 characterized by diligent study and fondness for reading; "a bookish farmer who always had a book in his pocket"; "a quiet studious child" [syn: bookish]

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Latin expression 'studious', first used in English sometime before 1350



  1. Given to thought, or to the examination of subjects by contemplation; contemplative.
  2. Given to study; devoted to the acquisition of knowledge from books; as, a studious scholar.
  3. Earnest in endeavors; aiming sedulously; attentive; observant; diligent; -- usually followed by an infinitive or by of; as, be studious to please; studious to find new friends and allies.
  4. Planned with study; deliberate; studied.
  5. Favorable to study; suitable for thought and contemplation; as, the studious shade.


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